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Budgeting & Forecasting in Malta


DAFS provides strategic and financial planning to assist in the success of your business.

We help project balance sheets and statements of income and cash flow. Most importantly, DAFS assists in determining the maximum sustainable growth and predicts fund requirements.

DAFS helps:

  • Planning and forecasting financial statements
  • Identify the evidence of growth mismanagement
  • Analyze projected or forecasted financial statements

At DAFS, we help you with the Budgeting Process in order to formulate a Budget for the year ahead so as to act as a target which will help you manage your business resources such as human resources (employees), cashflow, assets and even debts, in a more efficient manner. You will then be more cautious of what your targets for next year are and can compare your actual business results with the budget and even with the previous years.
We also offer consultancy on the Medium-term and Long-term plans for your business.

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