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Book-keeping & Accounting services in Malta

DAFS provides the process of recording and classifying financial transactions.

  • Bookkeeping is the beginning stage and acts as a base for accounting. DAFS assists its clients to keep proper and systematic records of financial transactions.
  • Inputting of invoices into our system.
  • Recording payments by customers.
  • Recording and effecting payments to vendors.

Irrelevant of the size of your business, it is a necessity to keep your books completely and accurately up-to-date. Having a good experienced accountant, partner, to take care of your business book keeping and accounting services will avoid lack of business planning leading to bad business decisions, losing money due to poor cash flow management which may result to bad situations such as diminishing of profits or even losses.

Avoid fines charged by the Tax Authorities due to delays in submissions of VAT Returns, Income Tax Returns and other important obligatory submissions which could have otherwise been avoided. Contact us today.
AT DAFS, thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we offer you peace of mind by customising the accounting services in accordance to your business requirements. This helps us produce accurate book-keeping and accounting records in a timely manner for you. Focus on the bigger picture of running and growing your business operation, and let us handle your accounts department.


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