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Auditors in Malta

The Maltese legislation, like many jurisdictions, requires Companies to have their Financial Statements audited by experienced professionals and to submit yearly Audited Financial Statements to the respective authorities.  Maltese Legislation also requires companies to submit their yearly Tax Returns.

An Audit is not just an analysis of the balance sheet and income statement balances. Audits involve complete independent examination and analysis of an organisation’s internal controls and record keeping systems, books, accounts, statutory records and any other documents ensuring that it is as required by the legislation.

As a result of an Audit, stakeholders can be assured of whether the company has a true and fair view of its books and accounting records and they may effectively evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and the governance process of the company.

DAFS ensures that your company will be able to fulfil these Audit obligations in compliance with Maltese accounting and taxation rules at a high professional level.

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